24 - 30 September 2023

Photography : © Project Radiance

– If you had known what was to come would you have joined?
– No!
– Now that you know would you come back?
– 100% yes!

The Experience









©️ Giorgia Galantino

Come Goddesses,

You are invited to something very very special… in the Island of Pantelleria, where the beauty of nature and the crystalline oceans await you. 

A week experience of freedom, aliveness, joy in the embrace of sisterhood. 

Discover the feminine temple arts, sexual awakening & your power as a feminine leader.

The time for you to live lavishly, enjoy and thrive is now!  

Together we show the way 💫

Photography : © Project Radiance

Location : Pantelleria, Sicily

Pantelleria: between myth and the wild beauty of nature, the island’s history sinks into the mists of time. One of the last truly wild spots of the Mediterranean where nature prevails above all.

Hypnotic volcanic landscape, pure crystalline water, 13 inactive volcanoes, a lake called the LAKE OF VENUS, sacred sites on the ‘Grande Montagna’, natural saunas and hot springs, a hidden gem where body, mind & soul recalibrate.

For its location (closer to Tunisia then Sicily) and the preciousness of it’s OBSIDIAN sites Pantelleria was nicknamed the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. The island bears the marks of the different populations who have inhabited it. Including the Sesioti, the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Normans. This brought many different forms of worship to the island. The guardian goddess of the Island is Tanit

Be open to connecting with her deeply, not just as an incredibly wild and  beautiful part of Gaia but as a spirit and she will support you in many ways.

Photography : © Angelica Cantu Rajnoldi & Lorenzo Pontillo

The Magic

☥ Excursions to sacred sites, moon rituals and sensual awakenings. 
☥ Ritual: Yoni Puja – Pilgrimage to the holy portal
☥ Ritual: Healing the Masculine wound
Cacao & Sex Magic Manifestation Ceremony 
☥ Workshop: Embodiment of the different feminine archetypes
☥ Workshop: ​Tantra, the arts of the bedchamber & the anatomy of female pleasure
☥ Fully awaken your sexual energy body

☥ Go from wounded to Sacred Feminine
☥ Tantric Rituals & bodyworks
☥ Daoist Breast massage practices

☥ Embracing the dark feminine
☥ Merging your inner Masculine & Feminine
☥ Learn everything about Jade Yoni egg 
Tao Tantric arts:  open microcosmic orbit
☥ Mermaid day on private boat
Obsidian caves excursions
☥ Natural hot springs & purifying muds day at Lake of Venus

11 things you will wake away with:

1) How to be embodied in your intimacy, listen & respond to the desires of your body/ yoni 

2) Jade Yoni egg rituals to use in your daily practice

3) Having embraced your different feminine archetypes

4) How to set up a tantric ritual 

5) Expansive love making techniques for your self pleasure practices and your relationships

6) Feeling confident & transformed in the way you approach your yoni!

7) Reprogrammed your body with joy & safety 

8) Forgiveness and compassion for the Masculine

9) Step from your wounded feminine to your sacred feminine skin

10) Healed thousands of years of sexual shame

11) A new community- tribe of sisters

Venue & Accomodation

Our accommodation is a Dammuso, which are the homes native to the island built with volcanic rocks. A totally private, enchanting space that offers a luxurious experience, while still feeling the wildness of nature.


Enjoys a great view over the sea and sunset in extreme privacy. Spacious outdoor living areas with gardens, flowers, refined infinity pool,  inner & outer living rooms, pool beds & wifi, surrounded by century-old olive trees.

All luxury commodities will be available on site such as; premium towels, beach towels, bedding and everything you need for your queen stay. The rooms will be cleaned a few times during your stay.  

The Sacred Exchange

All rooms have their own private bathroom and are shared between 2 women.

2 Person Shared Room: in one Big Double Bed

Full Price: €4444 each 

1000 EUR non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your spot.

Payment plans are available:

  1. Pay your deposit now to secure your spot (May/June) and the following 2 months pay the rest
  2. Pay half now & half before August 30th  
  3. Split the payment into multiple payments of €1111 up until September

Limited to 8 spaces only.  

If you have any further questions you can: 

What's included

☥     6 night & 7 days at the luxury villa
☥     Airport pick up & drop off 
☥     Day trip on private boat around the isalnd
☥     Goddess kit: Jade Yoni Egg, Yoni steam blend & breast massage oil
☥     Initiation booklet with practices & theory
☥     Adventure to the lake of Venus Excursion to sacred sites & sauna
☥     Private driver for the group 
☥     Cleaning of room 
☥     Towels, linens etc
☥     Daily workshops, ceremonies & practices
☥     All organic & locally sourced meals & snacks
☥     Beach dinner & many more surprises 😍


© Project Radiance

My Connection to the land

I grew up spending my summers in Pantelleria, where my mother lived and regenerated land. 

Pantelleria has been a catalyst of truth and growth in my spiritual journey, her powerful vulcanic energy always brings me back to the purest essence of my heart. 

She is gorgeous but not only – Her medicine is strong and also of the elements. 

Her raging seas will wash off anything that no longer serves us.
Her strong winds will show what needs to be expressed.
Her volcanic fires burn away anything that is in the way of our transformation.
Her grounding earth holds us with her beauty. 

This retreat has been in the cauldron of my womb for many years

I was waiting to receive her permission and this year as I was training in Bali her spirit appeared to me, roaring for me to come back to her in sacred space

The time has come  to give back to this island who has held me through so much, and bring women to her who will bless her and connect to her magical codes. 

© Lorenzo Pontillo

Farm to table food:

Brunch & Dinner, 2 daily local & organic mostly vegetarian meals, with surprise local fresh fish & vegan options are always available. This allows for better digestion & integration of the practices. Snacks, fruit, smoothies & tea are available all through out the day. 

– All meals are cooked by our in house fairy chef and nurturer: Ludivine. 

Ludivine is not only a priestess and therapist herself but has a profound and soulful relationship with food. Her Taurus nurturing energy create culinary experiences for us that nourish our bodies with goodness and support us in our grounding, through the deep work we will do. 

Her food is intentional, wholesome and deeply balanced in nutrient & energetical intake. 

All the produce is organic and from local farmers. Natural, tasty, colorful, alive, dharmic – a feast of love!

© Lorenzo Pontillo

My journey with sexuality had not been easy, but my story was not different than most women.

From slut shaming, to rape, to innocence being taken away from me, to saying yes when actually what my yoni wanted was to say no, to unfulfilled desires (just to name a few)… facing these parts of my story that were in the shadows of shame took immense courage

I had a longing to be fully met and to be fully embraced in love for as long as I could remember
It was one of the aspects of my life that brought me so much pain and so much longing.
I knew there was something more, I felt it in my body
I knew my power and with that, my capacity of pleasure
I dreamt of the ways my body could be embraced, loved and devoted to
And I reached a point in my awakening journey where I couldn’t keep my spirituality and my sexuality separate anymore

So I prayed, and I asked the Goddess to guide me, to give me the courage to face myself and with that came a great inner death. It was so scary.

Seeing now all the parts I had been avoiding, all the parts I had been scared to embrace as sacred. 

The dark feminine was here, I felt her within. 
She is not darkness, she is courageous
And I realized if I don’t journey into these parts, if I don’t expand my capacity for feeling all of life within myself who else will? I decided I wasn’t going to wait to be “rescued” out of my seggsual trauma or disembodiment by a heavenly lover anymore but rather… I was first, going to become that lover. 

And Tantra came into my life…

To be continued…

© Clara Greco

© Angelica Cantu Rajnoldi

“It is a crucial moment for women, as we take ownership of our herstory and of the unconscious collective of the feminine psyche. Feminine energies that have been for long contained, flouted and trampled. Her body has retained the powerful contractions that run through her. Surrendering to the life forces that are beyond her. She consecrates herself as a channel. And giving birth to her new self becomes a cosmic experience. Your spirit now inspires & supports your life. You who show the way.

Fiammetta Verdiani 

© Lorenzo Pontillo

Sample Schedule

9 am Morning Jade Egg Pleasure Practice

11 am Brunch 

12 am Tantric workshop / body work

Afternoon tea & smoothie 

4pm Ritual: Forgiving the masculine

7 pm Dinner

9 pm Ceremony : Cacao & Sex magic 

© Lorenzo Pontillo


Pantelleria, Sicily has an airport and a port.

If you are coming from abroad you can fly into Italy: either Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence or Palermo (Sicliy) and from their catch a plane down to Pantelleria

Or you can take a ship from Trapani, Sicilia (close to Palermo)

Both airport & port pickups are included in the price.

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© Fabrizio Brignone

© Lorenzo Pontillo

“Rocking, undulating, swaying,
Carried by rhythm,
Cherish the streaming energy
Flooding your body
As a current of the divine.
Oh Radiant One,
Ride the waves of ecstatic motion
Into a sublime fusion
Of passion and peace.”

Radiance Sutra n*60


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