Masterclass: Fundamentals of Women’s Circles

… When you take action first, the Universe responds.
It can’t help itself!
That’s just how it works.

WOW! Our women’s circle masterclass was a BLAST! 

Over 200 women showed up for this live conatiner!

During this masterclass we explained the secrets of sacred sisterhood and the fundamentals of crafting a transformational women’s circle.

We could tell by the energy in the portal and the messages we received afterwards that what we shared today was a total game changer for the women that attended!  

Within moments of ending the session we had dozens of women sign up to the course! 

We see you sister.

Choosing sisterhood to connect more and more women in the world. 

It is so  powerful, beautiful, and life-changing to witness.

Women finally coming together, rooting for each other is what will change the world. 

It blows our hearts wide open. 

Fiammetta and Shankari are so inspired, to know that over 15 years of holding women’s circles has brought them here – with over 200 women who signed up ready to share and spread this wisdom! 

Let this be your sign that women are truly rising, TOGETHER! 

And in these pivotal times of humanities history we are the change makers and the inspiring feminine leaders. 

Women who rebuilt trust, safety who stood for each other against all odds.

Catch the replay here for only 33€