Sacred Feminine Sanctuary (1h30)

Client says: “ These sessions should be a doctor’s prescription, every woman needs this!” 


private session for women – reconnect to your sacred feminine power


From overwhelmed, overworked & stressed to connected, feminine & radiant. 


A moment for you to tune in, feel deeply held & nourish yourself through sacred feminine embodied practices. 


1h30 online on Zoom 80€ 




Fiammetta’s life mission is to inspire over a million women to radiate and shine through their sacred feminine magnetic power. Will you be one of them? 


Client, Taiyo from thailand, CEO of DEEJAI PAI (retreat center) says: 

“Fiammetta is a visionary. Being in her containers, such as one to one sessions and retreats, is a remembrance and support for all women to decondition and unveil our higher self that lives deep within our bodies. It is like she gives you this permission slip to transmute your own personal challenges into power and sovereignty.” 




Individual and personalized support to initiate, deepen or integrate healing and awakening of your sacred feminine power. A tailor-made sacred space to bring back consciousness and connection to your body; clear energies, blockages, emotions, conscious & unconscious. Awaken your ability to get in touch with the subtle messages contained in your body. To reclaim your pleasure and reconnect with your radiance, power and vitality. 


We all desire to experience more pleasure. We all want to feel more alive. We all want to be great lovers. And for that we ought to take the journey with ourselves first. We ought to fall madly in love with our own embodiment. Because our greatest love story is the one we have with ourselves. 


The ‘Sacred Feminine Sanctuary ’ is a space where we reclaim our female sensual power. We give ourselves permission to feel the pulse of life, honour our freedom and bask in the momentum of your feminine essence. Through different tools of the Daoist & Tantric healing arts lineages. 




What you can expect from this individual support:



A space of love and safety to meet & hold your traumas and wounds. Powerful tools to Love and Let them go. And recognize pain as a pathway to your personal power. Coming back to the infinite wisdom that resides within you and the One heart.



An opportunity to find dormant or forgotten parts of yourself. (Re)open the channels to (Re)connect with your ability to hear and channel messages from the invisible. As you become the QUEEN of your own QUEENDOM. You are the master you are your own medicine. 



An invitation to go further on the path of recovering your power, connecting to your power and becoming sovereign of your emotions and life. Discover your personal medicine and put it at the service for the world.




Themes & practices 


Tantra . Daoist healing arts . Somatic Intelligence . Womb healing . Womb awakening . Goddess archetypes . Feminine holistic health . Creative expression & movement . Energetic recalibration . Nervous system regulation . Dance . Trauma .