Sipping on life’s sweet nectar! Lover of life, bringer of joy  & devotee to the sacredness of creation, co-founder of Loba Nomad and Sensual guide for women’s empowerment.

Fiammetta’s mission lies with women. She fuses her artistic background & holistic healing tools to create sanctuaries of Sacred Feminine beauty and power.  She opens portals of womb awakening & holds space for pleasure exploration and nourishment. Becoming a safer space for all women and finding a safer space in all women. Unlock all the pleasure we have always dreamed of & find our creative freedom.

Fiammetta (@shantiflame) is an international yoga, qi gong & tantra teacher. She is 600H ‘Yoga Alliance’ & ‘Universal Healing Tao’ certified, specializing in ‘Sacred feminine & Tao Tantric Arts’, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Mindfulness meditation.

Of Italian origin, I grew up between Brussels and the wild island of Pantelleria. When I was 18, I left for London to live my artist dream. I spent 5 years creating and giving life to the most eccentric ideas that inhabited me. From there, I went to India to source sustainable fabrics (saree waste, organic cotton & bamboo) for my first collection. India was a reunion of love that changed the course of my life. I found much more than fabrics there… In India I discovered the magic of devotion; I touched, I felt, I learned to vibrate to the rhythm of my heart.  I was grasped by the force of the Hindu goddesses, which led me to an embodied exploration of my own feminine ways. For the first time, I entered into connection with my life mission. And there began the weaving of this great dream: to bring a deeper, more radiant and more holistic truth around and within me.

From there I spent 5 years traveling, studying, healing, growing and loving all the different layers of life. I co-founded Loba Nomad in Portugal: a group of women’s retreats and circles. 

Since then, I have taught in wellness retreats, on the edges of Sicilian volcanoes, on the paradisiacal beaches of Sri Lanka, to the desert of Jordan and the tropical forests of Bali. 
During my last training in Taoist and Tantric Arts in Nicaragua and after 4 years of nomadism, I felt a strong call to come and feed the community of my roots: Brussels. Here I am full of enthusiasm and gratitude for this land that rocked my childhood.

Fiammetta is the Holistic Manager for the DONNEXSTRADA

And is the co-founder ‘Loba Nomad’ a women’s circle collective based in portugal.

Fiammetta offers weekly classes Yoni Yoga, 4 week immersion in Tao Tantric sexual arts & monthly sound healings. Fiammetta also hosts seasonal women’s wellness retreats in Portugal and Italy.  As well as private and group session in Brussels, Pantelleria and online.

With Power, Pleasure & Play, 

Certifications & Projects:

Certified Tao Tantric Arts – Sacred Feminine Facilitator 
Graduate of 250H certification training by the ‘Universal Healing Tao’, Minke De vos, Shashi Solluna & Freya Mcfarlane (2022)

Certified Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Graduate of 200H training certified by Yoga Alliance, EastWest Yoga, Deep Kumar, Persia Juliet, Vijet Kumar & Rachel Ellery (2022)

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher 
Graduate of 50H training certified by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Union Bali, Ourania Bouzouki & Laila Farmouk (2021)

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Graduate of 50H training certified by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Union (2020)

BA HONS in Art & Fashion Design by the University fo Kingston, London (2018)

Co-founder of Loba Nomad – a women’s empowerment network

Holistic manager for DONNEXSTRADA an NGO against gender based violence. 


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Every year for spring & summer Fiammetta hosts retreats in Portugal & Italy.

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Sisterhood is more than ever needed in the world these days. The more we are nourished as women the more we can nourish the earth, our creations, our children and our partners. The more intuitive we become with mother earths wisdom the more the earth heals. When we gather in sacred circle she feels it to, it becomes like a soothing balm for her as well.

Women have been gathering since the most ancient times across all indigenous cultures.

In red tents, 
under the moons, 
in nature 
and for the tribes. 
Women gather to share myths and stories about our ancestral lineages.
women gather to give birth and honor death.
women gather when they bleed to gift their blood to the earth, 
women gather to sing, dance and welcome the seasons of change, 
women gather to create art and legacies and in some tribes when their were problems in the communities women would gather to find solutions. 

Gathering for us is ancestral, it is in our nature. It is not a new mystical phenomenon, it is a primal knowing that we are coming back to. 
Honoring, celebrating and loving. 
Re-writing our own stories, expressing our energy freely and without standards, bringing peace to our relationships and rising all together, once more. 

“ Here we learn
we are made of love 
And through love, we meet again
After many moons 
And many lives 
I feel once more your strength
Oh sister breath with me   
it comes back with ease
I soar and I release 
With tears of joy 
And sacred blood 
I dance on the great mother
To the rhythm of your heart 
Look into my eyes
It is safe here
this love of ours
It s made of courage and shooting stars.”